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UNSHACKLED: A Lesson in Freedom from Gomer the Sex Slave

WHAT WE CAN LEARN ABOUT FREEDOM FROM GOMER THE SEX SLAVE As a 21st Century Abolitionist, who is also a Christian Believer, I notice things in the Bible that I had never seen before I had learned about modern slavery.  … Continue reading

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SHOP WELL: How do I shop like an abolitionist?

SHOP WELL In my previous post: How to be a 21st Century Abolitionist, one of the steps I shared was to SHOP WELL — Using our purchase power to support fair-trade items and companies.  This is a step that I admit … Continue reading

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Thank you interviewees!

If you are visiting our site today because your were interviewed on the street about human trafficking and/or prostitution, THANK YOU!  Thank you for being in our video and thank you for visiting our site.  As you read our articles you will find … Continue reading

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