Slavery 101


Are you new to the topic of modern slavery a.k.a. human trafficking?  Here’s some basic stats to help get you familiar with the issue of slavery today.

  • Over 27 million people in our world are slaves today.
  • 80% of slaves are women/girls.
  • 50% of slaves today are children.
  • Human Trafficking does not necessarily mean people are transported out of their country or city but approximately 17,500 slaves are trafficked into the USA each year.
  • Poverty, lack of education and homelessness are things that can make a person (especially child or woman) particularly vulnerable to being trafficked.
  • Traffickers use force, coercion, deception, threats and even brain washing to take advantage of the vulnerable.
  • The average prostitute in the USA is a slave/trafficked person.
  • Slavery today takes on many forms.  Some of the most prevalent are 1) Forced labor, 2) Sex Trafficking, and 3)Child Soldiers


Help me to develop this introduction to Human Trafficking.  What do you think should be included in an “Intro to Slavery Class”?  Add your comments here.

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