World Hope International

World Hope International is a faith-based relief and development organization that works with vulnerable and exploited communities to alleviate poverty, suffering and injustice.  One of their areas of concentration is Anti-Trafficking in countries like Cambodia, Sierra Leone and Azerbaijan.  In Cambodia they provide aftercare for rescued victims and work with the local authorities and other agencies such as IJM to prosecute the offenders and bring justice.  In Sierra Leone they network with others to try to prevent trafficking as well as identify survivors and provide them with aftercare.


I have had the honor of working with them personally in Baku, Azerbaijan as a volunteer for the year of 2005.  Even though I had no previous experience I got to teach the beginning levels of English as a Second Language to at-risk men and women.  This provided them with a highly employable skill so they could provide for themselves and their families and not be as vulnerable to the tactics of traffickers.  At the time I thought I was just helping the poor to get jobs and I had no real idea that they were potential victims of trafficking.  My awareness on the issue of slavery today has grown since I returned to the States and now I am happy to discover that since my time there, World Hope International – Azerbaijan has started to do more preventative work.  They are working to educate the most vulnerable (the internally displaced and orphans) about the dangers of human trafficking in addition to their English and Computer classes.  Fantastic!

There are several ways to partner with World Hope International.  You can start by visiting their site where you’ll find amazing stories like this one.

Facing Each Day With Dignity and Hope.


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