Polaris Project

Polaris Project: Follow the North Star to Freedom.

Polaris Project  is a U.S. anti-trafficking organization named after North Star that guided slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad.  Since 2002 they have been working towards their vision (and mine): a world without slavery.  They do this on many fronts.

Among other things the Polaris Project:

  1. Works for stronger legislation to prevent Human Trafficking in the USA.
  2. Helps victims of trafficking in the US, providing them legal assistance, counseling, and help in job hunting, taking ESL courses and finding housing.
  3. Runs a Human Trafficking Hotline so we can report suspected trafficking around us.

Ways to get involved:

1) Donate to the cause.  Even if you’re not rolling in the dough you can help.  $15 supports operation of the national hotline for an hour during an overnight shift.  For more gift amount ideas and for an easy way to donate online, CLICK HERE.

2) Send in needed items.  They collect practical items like clothes and strollers and such for the victims they are helping and you can get a list of those items HERE.

3) Sign up.  Join Grassroots to get updates on their activities and become aware of any training events in your area.

4) Read their blog.  North Star is the blog of Polaris Project.  They recently put up a posting about a day in the life of a social worker with Polaris that I found very interesting.

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