International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission

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The first organization that I would like to introduce to you is the group that caused me to really be aware of the issue of forced labor and forced prostitution.  International Justice Mission are effective advocates for the oppressed world-wide.  They work to rescue slaves, provide after-care for them and they work with local law enforcers to prosecute oppressors.  If you’re a lawyer, investigator or social worker you can join them and use your degree to help victims of human trafficking receive justice.  If you, like me, are non of the above, you can be informed, spread the word about injustice and pray for the IJM team.  You can even find creative ways to financially support their work like Zach Hunter who started the youth fundraiser called Loose Change to Loosen Chainswhere students collect  loose change from people in their community and send the money to IJM to use towards the rescue of slaves around the world.


Gary Haugen Talking about IJM at Storyville



Gary Haugen, President and CEO of IJM has written a couple of books that have really impacted and inspired me.  I share more about them on our Meaningful Media page, I want to at least mention them here if you want to check them out.

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