You Are What You Read

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They say the pen is mightier than the sword.  Let’s hope so, as these pen (or keyboard) wielders seek to eradicate slavery in peaceful ways.  


The Good News About Injustice

Just Courage:God’s Great Expedition for the Christian

Gary Haugen, President and CEO of IJMwrote these two books and they have really impacted and inspired me.  The Good News About Injustice is the one I most what to highlight because this is the book that opened my eyes to the issue of human trafficking.  The reason behind its title is that Haugen shows both the dark terrible truth of the injustice in our world as well as the bright amazing hope that it can be (will be) overturned with justice and mercy.  Just Courage is a shorter book which encourages people to fulfill their role as ministers of justice.  A very empowering read.

Sold, by Patricia McCormick

This is a fictional book inspired by the true stories of girls all over the world. A 13 year old girl from an impoverished family in the hills of Nepal thinks she is going to the city to work as a maid and send money home to her mom. The reality is, she was sold to a brothel in India.
This book was written for teens and is a touching story that reveals much about the secret world of sex trafficking.


These blogs are about issues concerning the abolitionist movement or are written by modern abolitionists.  (If you feel your blog should be added here, leave a comment and I’ll come check it out.)

Putting An End To Injustice Today — Blog about the abolitionist movement

North Star — Blog for Polaris Project

Survivors Connect — Blog for survivors of prostitution (i.e. sex-trafficking)

Brown Eyed Amazon — A modern abolitionist

Got a recommendation? Leave a comment and let us know.

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