Let Music Be Your Muse

Music to Motivate You

Music can be such a powerful tool to motivate and communicate.  As I come across songs that speak to me as an abolitionist I will share them here. 

A Side-Note About Faith

Everyday Abolitionist is a blog that is meant to include all folks who want to fight against slavery and you do not have to be of any particular faith to want that.  In general, good people care about people, period.  I do not intend to make this blog one that highlights individual beliefs  over our shared purpose, but I would like to say that my faith in the God of the Bible is what fuels my drive to end slavery as well as my hope that it will happen.  Faith is the fuel of some of these artists as well.

Abolitionist Hymnal — Carl Thomas Gladstone

This isn’t just a song, it’s a songbook!  Based off of the old abolitionist hymns from the days of the Underground Railroad, these songs have been modernized and made possible to play and sing together today.  I can’t tell you how stoked I was to find this (as a guitar player of modest talents).  I am learning to play these now and will be looking for ways to share them in the near future.  Stay tuned. (No pun intended.)

Listen to the songs:

Watch the video that explains the concept of the Abolitionist Hymnal:

Visit the artist’s websiteCarlThomasGladstone.com

One Day Too Late — Skillet

I didn’t discover this song until recently but it really reminds me of the motivations I had to start Everyday Abolitionist.  I had cared about modern slavery for years and I knew I wanted to do something about it but I kept letting day after day slip by without taking action.  Part of the reason I didn’t do anything was I didn’t know what I could do.  Mostly I was waiting for my life to reach a point where I could feel established and ready to make a difference.  One day I just came to the understanding that this is my life now and if I wait till I have “this” sort of job or “this” family life or “these” certain positions before I act on what I believe in, I may never act at all.

We aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow to do stuff in.  Just today.  We are actively finding and filling our roles as everyday abolitionists TODAY because tomorrow may be one day too late.


This music video really moved me.  — I cried

It’s done by a “Musicianary” group called Take No Glory.  I have not listened to any of their other songs (their site was difficult to navigate on AOL).  I can’t say that I do or do not endorse their other songs and videos but THIS one hits the spot.

Taking a Stand — Courtney Wong

When I came across this girl’s original song “Taking a Stand” I was encouraged to see that she was moved to write a song about trafficking victims and taking a stand to fight slavery.

While listening asked myself the question, “What is she doing beyond writing this song?”  I don’t know of course, but the question is better asked of us.  What are we doing to take a stand and fight the “lie that slavery died”?

1 Response to Let Music Be Your Muse

  1. nicole5181 says:

    A little note about Courtney Wong: I have discovered that she quit a job with MTV to focus on her efforts to raise awareness on human trafficking. She has made videos on YouTube to meet that end. They are pretty good. I’m not saying we ought to all quit our jobs to do full time abolitionist work. I think that’s impractical for most of us. But we can all find something we can do in whatever station of life we find ourselves in.

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