Abolitionist Art

The Visual Arts

You have to see it to believe it.  You have to believe it to change it.

This will probably be to slowest developing media list becuase I don’t explore the visual arts as much as music or the written word.  So to help build this up I ask the art-minded to share pieces that speak to the issues surrounding modern slavery.


Here is the first piece done by a blogging friend of mine, BrownEyedAmazon.  It’s entitled I Choose and speaks to me about every gal has conflicting views of herself that she can choose from.  The millions of girls who have been stolen and forced into the sex industry may struggle with the choice more than others.  Choose the truth ladies.  Choose the positive, priceless truth.

I Choose — BrownEyedAmazon.com


Angelina Vick has created an anti-slavery piece and said,

“There are people who have no voice, who need our help, and if we step up to the plate, we can change the world.”

Get your own print of this piece.  Click on the pic and it will bring you to the site where you can purchase prints.

4 Responses to Abolitionist Art

  1. I thought this was appropriate for the “visual media” section. Represents average people getting inolved in saving slaves.

  2. Thank you for featuring my art in your blog. =)

    Any profit from the sale of this art will be donated to anti slavery organizations I trust.

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