What is Everyday Abolitionist?

An Everyday Abolitionist = an average person who is willing to use his/her time, talents, and resources to fight slavery today.  We are a part of what is considered a grassroots movement.  We are not professional, full-time workers in the field of anti-human trafficking but we identify ourselves as modern-day abolitionists just the same.   We act in simple but (hopefully) powerful ways to help the millions of people who have been largely ignored to date.

How did this group start?

It started out as a friend and I talking over coffee about something we never knew we had in common.  We both felt we should DO something to end modern-day slavery, but we weren’t sure what.  As we shared our thoughts and ideas, our thoughts started to turn into action.  We planned and held our first event, a Destiny Rescue jewelry party.  It was a success and it got some of our other friends and family to think more about what they can do to fight human trafficking as well.  This group of ours is small but growing and it is such an empowering thing to me to connect with people who are like-minded.  We are working together on projects that are so big and creative that I never would have dreamed of them on my own, and isn’t that amazing?  

Where is Everyday Abolitionist located?

The group that now calls itself Everyday Abolitionists is  located mainly in the Bay City, MI area but we have a few branches in areas like Marion, IN and Detroit, MI.  Anyone who joins our Facebook Group (the link for that is available in the top right corner of our sight) or who “Follows” this blog is welcome to consider his/herself part of the group.

Why EverdayAbolitionist.com?

We’ve started this website to provide an online resource for any person who wants to find their role in re-abolishing slavery.  It’s constantly growing and changing as you and I find more resources or try new ideas.  As you explore our site you’ll see many hyperlinks.  CLICK on them!  They are there to help you branch out to other resources that will inform you and inspire you.

Why not join us?

This is our gathering place where we join with each other to make a difference.  So if you are wondering what your role is in ending modern slavery we invite you to follow our blog.  We hope that something here will help you find your way to participate.

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  1. TraffickStop says:

    Tell 12! Tweeting and FBing with hashtag #tell12 today for raising awareness on HT day. Check our efforts at http://www.facebook.com/traffickstop or tweets @traffickstop or our website: http://www.traffickstop.org
    Thanks for being after abolition everyday!

  2. browneyedamazon says:

    Thank you for submitting Glimpse of Truth” as a potential title for my recent painting.

    Your title is in the running to win a free print. Get your friends to vote now!

    Details in the bottom of this post: http://browneyedamazon.com/2012/01/16/new-painting-combating-reflections/

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