Sex Slave Interviews

The Video is Ready

Well it took almost an entire year, but I am excited to say that the Sex Slave Interviews film is completed!

This video is meant to spark discussion and increase awareness about the issue of child sex trafficking in the United States.  After you watch it, think about the questions at the bottom of this post.

Watch it Now!

What does it make you think?

Right now there are 100,000 children working in prostitution under threat of violence in the United States of America.  In fact the average age a person in the U.S becomes a prostitute is ages 12-14.

  • Were you surprised to find out the average age a prostitute is introduced to “the life”?
  • How does this statistic affect your understanding of what motivates a person to become a prostitute? 
  • How does it affect your understanding of what a prostitute is?
  • When you think of a prostitute do you think about her pimp?  It is difficult to present a clear statistic for the percentage of prostitutes that are pimped out because prostitutes are reluctant to talk about their pimps.  The statistics we’ve found range from 53% to 90%.  The reality for most 12-14 year old girls entering “the life” is that an adult pimp helped them get there. But when asked what comes to their mind when they hear the word “prostitute,” none of the 62 interviewees mentioned a pimp.  Why do you think that is? 
  • What other questions or thoughts did this video raise in your mind?

What will it make you do?

  • To gain a clearer picture of sex trafficking in the U.S. read these articles and the resources that are linked to them:

Street-corner Prostitute: Working Girl or Sex Slave?

How to Turn Your Daughter Into a Prostitute

Before You Click on that Porn, Read This

  • To make a difference, consider contacting your state legislators and asking them to support Safe Harbor Laws that help the minors who have been trafficked for sex in your home state.  Visit The Polaris Project to learn more about this and easily discover who your representatives are.  (I did this the super easy way by visiting International Justice Mission and accepting their 100 postcard-challenge.  They sent me 100 postcards that had the letter to the legislator typed out on it and all I had to do was choose my representatives and get my friends and family and coworkers to sign the postcards.  Then I sent them all back to IJM in an addressed envelope they provided and IJM mailed them to my representatives for me.  Easy.  Just the way I like it.)
  • Discover your state’s grade card in the Protected Innocence Challenge, a comprehensive study on existing state laws designed to inspire and equip advocates done by Shared Hope International.  Review the 41 key legislative components that must be addressed in state’s laws in order to effectively respond to the crime of domestic minor sex trafficking.  Then make your own letter of recommendation for improvement to your local legislators.  
  • Share this video (or another like it) in a public forum and have a discussion about it to spread awareness.  
  • Do NOT pay for sex OR view pornography as these things add to the demand for minors to be trafficked.  

About nicole5181

I'm thirty (yes I admit it). I'm a single mom working in retail and wanting to find my role in the fight to end modern-day slavery. I'm hopeful that I will.
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