Pop Quiz on Modern Slavery

So you think you’re informed about human trafficking?  Take this quiz and find out for sure.  These are questions that every person needs to know the answers to and Everyday Abolitionist will continue to spread awareness until every person does.

Pop Quiz on Modern Slavery

1) Does slavery still exist?  If so, approximately how many people are enslaved today?

2) Are there more or less slaves today than in the eighteenth century?

3) Where does human trafficking occur?  Does it happen in your city and state?

4) Can you name three product categories that most often have slave labor in their supply line?

5) Which of the following illegal industries is growing the fastest today:

        • Illegal Drugs
        • Arms Dealing
        • Human Trafficking

6) True or False:  Modern slavery is an appalling and a complex problem but it is possible to stop it in our lifetime.


  1. Yes.  In 2005 it was estimated that 27 million people were enslaved at that time.  Now it is more like 30 million.
  2. More.  There are more slaves today an at any other time in history.
  3. Human trafficking occurs everywhere.  Yes, it happens in your state and in your city.  They say the only way to not find human trafficking in your city is to not look for it.
  4. There are many industries that use slave labor in their supply line.  Answers could include: Chocolate, fine jewelry, cell phones, other electronics, baby clothes and children’s toys.
  5. Human Trafficking is the fastest growing illegal industry today.
  6. TRUE!  The 18th century abolitionists did away with the trans-Atlantic slave trade in just twenty years.  With all of us working together to spread awareness, prosecute offenders, rescue and restore victims and prevent the vulnerable from becoming exploited, we can see the end of this evil practice.

About nicole5181

I'm thirty (yes I admit it). I'm a single mom working in retail and wanting to find my role in the fight to end modern-day slavery. I'm hopeful that I will.
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