How to Turn Your Daughter into a Prostitute

1) First and foremost it is important that your tear down your daughter’s confidence and sense of self-worth.  Tell her she’s not pretty, she’s looking fat so she should go on a diet, she’s stupid and will probably end up doing nothing with her life.  When she has a lack of self-worth she will be vulnerable and more likely to agree to do things she wouldn’t normally do in order to get affection and affirmation.

2) Allow abuse to go on in your home. Do nothing to stop it. Let it happen to you. Show her that it is perfectly acceptable to be beaten, disrespected and used by someone with more power than yourself.  It is especially helpful if you or someone else abuses your daughter directly. If she tells you this has happened to her or if you suspect it has, DON’T RESPOND.  Allow this to continue as long as possible so she will get used to being treated sub-human and will come to believe there is no escaping situations when men force themselves on her.  

3) Don’t ask where she’s going and where she’s been when she goes out. In fact, start as young as possible (12 or 13 years old) just letting her go out on her own with no parental supervision and no questions asked.  This will help her understand that you don’t really care what happens to her and what is going on in her life and it will push her towards making big life decisions without any input from you.

4) Don’t get to know her friends.  So what if she’s been seeing some older guy and he’s been buying her expensive gifts?  Hey! At least that’s one less thing she’ll bug you to buy for her.

5) KICK HER OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Someone else (your friendly neighborhood pimp) will take things over from here.  With nowhere else to turn and no sense of self-confidence or security she will be easy prey when that older guy comes and tells her she’s beautiful and so mature and can come live with him.  “He’ll take care of her.  She’s his girl.”  But then he’ll rape her and share her with his friends and she won’t run partly because she’s scared to, partly because he says he loves her and she’s starved for affection, and partly because you’ve taught her that being abused is all she’s good for.  He’ll have her working the streets in under a week.  

If you have accomplished all these steps and have introduced your daughter to life as a prostitute by the time she turned 15 years old, you did pretty good, but not as good as most.  The average age a girl enters into prostitution in the United States is age 13. 

WHAT!?  Read the following note before you write me hate-mail:

If you are reading this thinking, “What!?  How could you write anything like this?  What parent would want to turn their daughter into a prostitute?  This is horrible!” I want to say — EXACTLY MY POINT.  No good parent would want to raise their daughter in such a way that they will live a life of being raped for money.  I know I don’t want that for my baby girl.  But the more I’ve learned about sex-trafficking in the United States the more I realize that some really poor parenting is contributing to the problem.  Many parents are unwittingly making their daughters perfect prey for pimps by doing the things I’ve mentioned in this tongue-in-cheek essay.

I write this hoping to open your eyes.  Remember that every prostitute is someone’s son or daughter.

Here are some resources that may illuminate things further.

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I'm thirty (yes I admit it). I'm a single mom working in retail and wanting to find my role in the fight to end modern-day slavery. I'm hopeful that I will.
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8 Responses to How to Turn Your Daughter into a Prostitute

  1. Reblogged this on Q & A with Pastor Mark Haines and commented:
    This will make you think — at least it challenged me.

  2. Debbie says:

    I can’t say that I haven’t wittnessed this kind of parental behavor. You must show respect to get respect even with your children. Your actions in all situations will reflect on your children.

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  4. Can I just say I LOVE this? Sooo many parents don’t understand how such behaviour on their part affects their daughters and leads them down dangerous paths. This should be shared with all parents.

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