A Change Is Gonna Come!

Just Listen.

Sam Cooke’s song has meant a lot of things to a lot of people over the years.  You can tell it’s message holds meaning to so many partially by the number and variety of artists who have covered the song since it came out in 1964.

A Change Is Gonna Come -- cover on YouTube

Here’s a few examples (in no intentional order).  Aretha Franklin, SealLauryn Hill, Luther Vandross, Ottis Redding,  Gavin DeGraw, R Kelly, Beth Hart (CHECK IT OUT!  It’s intense.), Tina Turner, and several YouTube hopefuls such as this young lady who definitely listens to one of my favorite bands, Metric (or at least she should).  But I digress.

This song makes us think of the change we want to see.  The change we hope to see.  The following are a sampling of the changes that cross my mind today as I listen to Mr Cooke sing.

What Change Am I Looking For?

Many years have passed since slaves were held on cotton plantations in America and some have passed since segregation was the legally mandated norm.  But our country has not fully realized the dream that Americans of all races have equal opportunity and be treated with honor and respect.

But I know a change is gonna come.

Though it is legal nowhere, modern slavery is practiced everywhere.  Approximately 30 million people are enslaved worldwide —  most of them women and children.  They are threatened, coerced, beaten, and stolen to feed our greed.

But I know a change is gonna come.

Many injustices continue in our world unchecked because good people haven’t stood up, found their voice, or played their part in setting our world aright.

But I know a change is gonna come.

What Change Are You Looking For?

In our world?  In your home?  In your mind and spirit?

What does this song say to you today?

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About nicole5181

I'm thirty (yes I admit it). I'm a single mom working in retail and wanting to find my role in the fight to end modern-day slavery. I'm hopeful that I will.
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  1. Hugo Cerverizzo says:

    I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thank you for all the great posts.

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