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Do you know what I can DO with $200?!

Two Sundays ago while at Bay City Wesleyan Church, the pastor (my father) was talking about finances and how God can help us make the shift from being consumer-minded to steward-minded.  In it he talked about how on our own … Continue reading

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How to Turn Your Daughter into a Prostitute

1) First and foremost it is important that your tear down your daughter’s confidence and sense of self-worth.  Tell her she’s not pretty, she’s looking fat so she should go on a diet, she’s stupid and will probably end up … Continue reading

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A Change Is Gonna Come!

Just Listen. Sam Cooke’s song has meant a lot of things to a lot of people over the years.  You can tell it’s message holds meaning to so many partially by the number and variety of artists who have covered … Continue reading

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