Want to End Human Trafficking? There’s an App for That!

Want to End Human Trafficking?  There’s an App for That!

Actually there are a few apps for that and no, I’m not kidding.  Hey people, let’s use technology for all it’s worth.  We know traffickers are, right?  I have downloaded each of these applications onto my iPhone for free.  If you have a smart phone, go to your application store and search for the names in blue.  


This app enables the everyday abolitionist to send the message to companies that there is a market for slave-free products.  You see, we know that the bottom line for businesses and companies will always be the bottom line so C+R is asking consumers to use their iPhone app to convince companies that slave-free is profitable.

Janice Hanawi demands that Forever 21 be SlaveFree.

The new C+R iPhone app collects undeniable data that consumers are demanding slave-free products. And you can participate wherever you are. Take a picture for SlaveFree Label and the app uploads it and geolocates you on a public map. Register your mobile phone on Blood Phones and it maps your location and phone’s brand. The app is also tied to social media, so you can post to Facebook and Twitter about the actions you just took and challenge friends to do them too. You and your network can make a daily impact with just a few minutes of your discretionary time wherever you are.

International Justice Mission

An app to keep you informed. It will enable you to:

IJM's App for that

  • Get breaking news updates from the field – and post notes of encouragement for IJM’s field teams;
  • Receive personalized updates on topics you are most passionate about;
  • Find the latest action steps you can take to support IJM’s work;
  • Connect with IJM events and groups in your area, or create a new group of your own;
  • Use tools to raise awareness about IJM’s work in your community;
  • and more!

IJM’s FREE app is available for iPhoneAndroid and Windows Phone 7 users.


An organization called Not For Sale created the Free2Work App to help us to use our buying power for good — instead of evil (I couldn’t resist.)  Want to know the likelihood that the item you are thinking of purchasing was made with forced or child labor?  Simply scan the bar code and see the grade Free2Work gave it.   Free2Work conducts extensive research before assigning grades on a scale of “A” to “F” to each brand. They look at company efforts in four main categories: policies, monitoring, transparency, and worker rights.

For more information on their grading process, visit the Free2Work Website.  Through the site you can also access in-depth information about industry issues through their industry pages and news feeds, and you can learn more about trafficking and supply chains through their blog posts.

Check out this video.

What tools have you found?

Have you found an app that helps you as an abolitionist?  Are there other ways you use technology to fight human trafficking?  Tell us about it in a comment!


About nicole5181

I'm thirty (yes I admit it). I'm a single mom working in retail and wanting to find my role in the fight to end modern-day slavery. I'm hopeful that I will.
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