5 Easy Ways to Fight Human Trafficking

Easy Ways to Fight Human Trafficking

1 Join the conversation at EverydayAbolitionist.com This is a growing site, made for everyday folks like you and me who want to find their role in re-abolishing slavery.  On it you will find website, organization, book and other media recommendations that are all there to help.  Join the conversation by leaving comments with ideas you have, things you’ve tried and organizations you’ve come across that are making a difference today.  You can also look us up on Facebook where you can more freely contribute to the conversation.

2- Surf the Net.  Google, Bing, or Yahoo search phrases like “anti-human trafficking,” “movies about modern slavery” and the like.  See where the internet takes you and expand your knowledge.  Then share what you learn on EverydayAbolitionist.com so others can check it out too.  Someone once said, “If you devote 15 minutes a day to studying your topic of interest, in ten years you’ll be an expert.”  At least I THINK someone reputable said that.  Well at the very least, it will make you smarter.

3- Buy pretty jewelry made by girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking through Destiny Rescue.  Visit DestinyRescue.org/us to buy online any time or host your own jewelry party.  (More about this in the near future.)

4- Pray about it.  Involve your faith and pray for:

  • Rescue and Restoration for the victims
  • Repentance of the perpetrators
  • Resources for those who are intervening (governments, law enforcers and other advocates)

5- Keep your eyes open and ask questions.  Human Trafficking happens in our own backyards so if you see something suspicious, ask questions like “How old are you?”  or “Do you need help?”  and report it to the police.


About nicole5181

I'm thirty (yes I admit it). I'm a single mom working in retail and wanting to find my role in the fight to end modern-day slavery. I'm hopeful that I will.
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14 Responses to 5 Easy Ways to Fight Human Trafficking

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  3. browneyedamazon says:

    I love all the HT posts I’m seeing today. Thank you for making it easy for others to learn how they can get involved. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming.

    I am collecting stories from my fellow modern-day abolitionists. I find it to be the greatest encouragement. Please consider visiting and sharing your own story.


    • nicole5181 says:

      Hey browneyedamazon,
      Thank you for visiting EverydayAbolitionist.com. You ask for my story, well I am a single working mom who struggles to find enough time and money for the things I would like to do. So I have wondered for some time what I personally can do to help end slavery when I feel poor and stressed for time and am dealing with everyday struggles. I decided to start by educating myself by taking just 15 minutes a day to surf the web looking to sites and media clips – anything really- about HT. Later I found out a friend of mine has a similar interest so we talked of simple things we can do to play our part in the current abolitionist movement. We are starting with a jewelry party for . In about one week we will host a party where our friends will be able to buy hand made jewelry from girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. The money we make will be sent to Destiny Rescue to help them free more girls and provide and after-care for the victims. We also started up a conversation online about the info, organizations, and experiences we each have found when trying to be an everyday sort of abolitionist.

      I’m happy to have made a connection with you. 🙂

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