Has Change.org Made it Too Easy to Change the World?

Is there a rule that says making your voice be heard and changing the world for the better has to be a difficult task?  If so, change.org hasn’t heard of it.  Change.org has made making a difference as easy as double clicking.

It’s a website that helps anyone -ANYONE – start a petition and then enables THOUSANDS of people to sign that petition with the click of a button.  I know this because in early 2011 I ‘googled’ my way to their website and decided to give it a try.  I entered my name, email address and mailing address info.  I then checked the boxes next to the issues that most interested me.  There was everything you could think of, gay rights, environmentalism, humane treatment of animals, and a bunch of obscure things I didn’t bother remembering.  I could have clicked any number of them but I chose to limit it to human trafficking so I could have a focused impact.  What happened then was just too easy.

Change.org imediately brought up a few petitions that, based off my selections, they thought I might be interested in.  I could read a short article about the issue and even read the petition letter itself.  If I wanted to add my voice to the petition all I did was click to sign it.  My info was added automatically.  And periodically I’d get an email from change.org that made me aware of other related petitions I may have wanted to click – I mean “sign.”  So I did.

I love the idea of this because, if I’m honest with myself I would have to admit that I am a more-lazy-than-not person.  So even though there are many issues that I care about and want to change and I KNOW I should be writing my congressman or the companies I buy from or whoever, I never have.  Now all I have to do is click and I can sign petitions that other people wrote up and make a difference.  This is great!  But does it work?

You have to be thinking what I’ve been thinking: Does anyone read these petitions?  Do they ever change anything?  Is all this clicking for nothing!  Well I just got an email from change.org that included some of the highlights of their projects in 2011.  I read though 24 of their over 800 stories of victory and found three that were a result of petitions I signed.

With a click of a button it seems I have helped a mom who was jailed for sending her kids to a safer school gain clemency.  I have gotten Target to vow not to sell gold mined by exploited children.  And because of the petitions filed with change.org and my index finger’s amazing ability to left-click, Wyndham, the parent company to Travelodge has stepped up to stop sex trafficking in its hotels.

So it works!  We can change the world we live in with just a click of the button.  We can free the unjustly incarcerated, overturn corporate greed and bring justice to the oppressed without even breaking a sweat.  Should it be this easy?  I don’t know.  But this Everyday Abolitionist is sure grateful it is.  Thank you change.org.


About nicole5181

I'm thirty (yes I admit it). I'm a single mom working in retail and wanting to find my role in the fight to end modern-day slavery. I'm hopeful that I will.
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4 Responses to Has Change.org Made it Too Easy to Change the World?

  1. Cool! Didn’t even know about that site. Great post.

    • nicole5181 says:

      Thanks Sean. This is a very new site that I’m trying to build up with things Sara and I have discovered about how to re-abolish slavery. I’m hoping to add a few more pieces real soon.

  2. pozycjonowanie stron says:

    Hey, Thanks for posting this. You have made some really interesting point in this article. I like it and I’ll keep coming back. Bye!

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